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A timely fantasy about castaways fleeing their dying land to seek refuge on a cryptic island, The Last Families by Carla Doria is an epic tale about first contact with brutal worlds and rivalrous clans. Four remaining families with different magical powers must put aside their bitter prejudices if they want to survive in their new hostile environment. While Doria’s plot about the cycles of perishing civilizations can be bleak, the book’s message about finding love and working together is ultimately uplifting, for a visionary and wholly original work of post-apocalyptic fantasy.”


“I enjoyed how the dystopian book was fast-paced, filled with interesting scenes and had an emphatic tone to it.”

–Jeyran Main – Review Tales

“An entertaining, thoughtful, and hauntingly thrilling dystopian fantasy read, author Carla Doria’s “The Last Families” is a must-read fantasy novel of 2021.

–Author Anthony Avina

The last continent left on earth is perishing. Escaping through the earth’s core, the last families have reached Gambir. The island’s scorching hot sun and shores that can suck boats into a deep abyss are only some minor dangers compared to its inhabitants…

Carla Doria was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia where she currently resides.

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