The Archaeolibrarian reviews The Last Families

The Last Families got a wonderful 4 out of 5 (very good) rating 🤩 by the Archaeolibrarians Book Group. Check their blog post to read the complete review plus an Author Interview.

Some quotes from their review:

This story is told from multiple perspectives, giving the reader a well-rounded view on what’s happening. It moves at a fast pace so prepare yourself.

Merissa – Archaeolibrarian

“…this was a great read about their time in Gambir and the people who lived there.”

Merissa – Archaeolibrarian

The Reading Cafe reviews The Last Families

An absolute honest and thoughtful review. Thanks so much to The Reading Cafe for providing this amazing review.

Some quotes from the review:

A Fantasy/Dystopian style of book which was really good. A new author for me, and one I’ll be keeping an eye on. A fast paced book in which supernatural families fight to survive.

Julie B – The Reading Cafe

Multiple points of view can sometimes confuse the reader (I know it does me) but I never got that with this book, you know who is who with every word written. A complex world and it’s cast soon emerges, and your quickly drawn in.

Julie B – The Reading Cafe

I loved reading this book and hope there will be another as there are so many other characters and stories that could be told.

Julie B – The Reading Cafe

To read the complete review, please go to:

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