Submit your Fanfiction

Do you like writing fanfiction?

Carla Doria started as a fanfiction writer. For her, it is an honor when readers spend time writing about her story. If you enjoyed “The Last Families” and you would like to:

  • Write about a scene that wasn’t written in the book
  • Write an alternative ending

Submit your story to the author. Selected stories will be published in this website.

Illustrating “The Last Families”

Were you inspired to draw or illustrate a character or scene in “The Last Families”?

If you are a talented artist and “The Last Families” inspired you to draw a scene or character, submit it for display on this website. Make sure to add your watermark or signature on it. Unless the artist consents to it, this material won’t be used in any other media or platform.

Submit your Fanfiction Story about the”The Last Families”

Submit your Illustration

If you have any doubts about submitting your fanfiction story or illustration, contact us:

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